Industrial EKG

Energy, electrical, and mechanical health monitoring by sensing and interpreting the pulse of industrial machinery and processes
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About Industrial EKG

Industrial EKG is a US-headquartered company that brings unique technologies and concepts from the human health monitoring industry, to the industrial marketplace. As our name implies, we work with monitoring and diagnostic concepts very similar in concept to the EKG used in human health monitoring except our patients are industrial machines, rather than human beings.

In the same way as human doctors make a variety of electrical measurements on human patients, such as electrocardiograms, from which various conditions of the human machine can be diagnosed and monitored, we provide solutions that enable our customers to make remote electrical measurements of their industrial machine patients without requiring sensors on the actual machines. These measurements form the basis for unattended monitoring and diagnosing a wide variety of conditions in industrial machines, including electrical line power condition, energy efficiency, mechanical condition of a motor and it's driven equipment, plus variations in the underlying plant processes, all from simple and easily-implemented electrical measurements.

As an international company, we market, sell, and support these solutions for monitoring and improving the reliability, efficiency, and maintainability of industrial equipment and processes at large industrial customer facilities worldwide. Our experienced team of licensed engineers and technicians have worked in industry for more than 35 years We have expertise in software, instrumentation, IT, predictive and preventive maintenance practices, electrical and mechanical system design, testing and monitoring, vibration analysis, structural design and analysis, and computer modeling of processes and systems.

We would like to thank our loyal customers, business partners, and team for the continued confidence and support that makes us the strong and successful company we are today.

Contact us today to learn more. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve your plant's operation.