Industrial EKG

Energy, electrical, and mechanical health monitoring by sensing and interpreting the pulse of industrial machinery and processes
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Case Studies

Case Histories are an important way of informing you about the effectiveness of our solutions. We go to great lengths to assemble both technical and business case information, so you get not only the technical side, but also the business rationale or driver for considering the solution in the first place, as well as payback details.

Besides the obvious attributes like Industry, Customer, and Location, our case histories are further identified as one of two general types:

1. Result describing problems identified from individual unit installations, including various information relating to the technical result and business case.

2. Overview of results from multiple-unit installations describing, for example, that 50 units were installed, the immediate results identified included 30 with loose foundations, 5 with excessive unbalance, 7 with loose electrical connections, and so on.

This database is an evolving resource, with new cases being added regularly by both customers and members of our global sales and technical support partners.

To find out more information about these cases, please contact us about the specific ones that interest you.

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Location Industry Application
USAAerospaceRocket motors
UKAirportContractor repair work verification
UKAirportPeople movers & escalators condition monitoring
MalaysiaAirportContact us
UKAutomotiveOverhead rail conveyor drive system
UKAutomotivePaintshop extraction fans
TurkeyAutomotiveContact us
FranceAutomotiveSpray booth, paint delivery pump
USAAviationGenerator monitoring
UKAviationHelicopter generator + motor driven equipment
USAChemicalCooling towers
TurkeyChemicalContact us
TurkeyConsumerContact us
TurkeyContact usContact us
IndiaContact usLarge compressors
TurkeyDefenseRadar system
UKEnergyvarious in power plant
UKEnergyvarious in power plant
UKEnergyPumps and Fans
UKEnergyWater pumps
UKEnergyMain generator
KoreaEnergyContact us
FranceEnergyContact us
UKFood + BeverageFan
UKFood + BeverageDistillery agitator and mills
UKFood + BeverageBrewery Mixers, Pumps and Keg drive motors
TurkeyFood + BeverageContact us
TurkeyFood + BeverageContact us
TurkeyFood + BeverageSubmerged Syrup pump
UKManufacturingUnwinds and pull rolls
UKManufacturingContact us
UKManufacturingFans, high speed acceleration drive
Contact usManufacturingSteel
TurkeyManufacturingContact us
KoreaManufacturingContact us
UK / North SeaMarineBow thruster and HV compressor
USAMarineUSS Foster
USAMarineClimate control system
UKMarineSeawater pumps
UKMarineMIMIC Condition monitoring system for International maritime customers
UKMarineAir compressors & water pumps
UKMarineContact us
SingaporeMarineLNG Tanker air compressors
GreeceMarineSeawater cooling pumps in cruise ships
UKMetalsShredder and fans
TurkeyMetalsFoundry, phosphate pump
IndiaMetalsContact us
PolandMining3KM conveyor belts
India MiningContact us
USAOEMIntelligent Asset Management solution - software, process & services
UKOEMContact us
UKOEMMed-large Compressor
PolandOEMSmart Electronic Motor Protection Relay and Contactor
JapanOEMEquipment in nuclear plants
BrasilOEMPredictive Multifunction Analyzer
UKOil & GasLNG Pumps
UK / North SeaOil & Gas12 HV drives on Kittiwake platform
UK / North SeaOil & GasHV pumps - claymore platform
UK / SingaporeOil & GasLNG carrier, air compressors
UK / North SeaOil & Gas2.5MW turbo compressor - Brae Alpha platform
UK / North SeaOil & GasDiesel generator, platform power
UKOil & GasLNG carrier, seawater pumps
UKOil & GasRefinery
UKOil & GasScrew Compressor, gas lifting
UKOil & GasRefinery discharge pumps
TurkeyOil & GasContact us
TurkeyOil & GasDiesel engine fuel pump
SaudiOil & GasContact us
JordanOil & GasContact us
Angola Oil & GasOffshore
UKPharmaceuticalContact us
UKPharmaceutical15 Fans and 2 mixers
IrelandPharmaceuticalVFD Pump
IrelandPharmaceuticalAir Blower
IrelandPharmaceuticalLiquid ring vacuum pumps
TurkeyPharmaceuticalProduction motors, Quality-related testing
UKWaterClean water pumps
UKWaterRaw water pumps, submersible pumps, clean water pumps
UKWaterSubmersible pumps
UKWaterHigh volume low pressure floodwater control pumps
UKWaterFresh water pumps
UKWater Deep well & submersible pumps
UKWaterClean water pumps
TurkeyWaterClean water pumps
TurkeyWaterVarious water pumps
TurkeyWhite GoodsSpray paint booth
TurkeyWhite GoodsWashing machine drive motor QA